저희 카스스케일은 상업용 및 산업용 계량기기를 전문으로 제조,판매하는 업체로 고객의 요구에 적극 수용하여 통합 계량 솔루션을 구현하는 회사입니다.

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We are a company that specializes in electronic scales for small or large enterprises.
We offer a total weighing solution by customizing software programs with our electronic scales.
Implementationand integration metering solutions are our strongest assets to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We will always try to provide a solution that supports your sales and efforts toward the next level of success.
We will constantly strive until you experience the ultimate satisfaction.


   / Business Areas

전자저울 & 라벨프린터
Scales & Printer

  • 일반 및 수입 전자저울
  • 산업용 라벨프린터
  • 자동 계량 시스템
  • PC 계량프로그램


  • Electronic Scales
  • Industrial Label Printer
  • Automatic Weighing Systems
  • PC Data Program

로드셀 & 스트레인게이지
Load Cell & Strain Gauges

  • 로드셀
  • 인디케이터
  • 스트레인게이지
  • 앰프 및 계측장비


  • Load Cell
  • Indicator
  • Strain Gauges
  • Amp & measurement equipment

KOLAS 인증 교정
KOLAS Certified Agency

  • 교정성적서 발급 대행
  • 계측기기류 교정 대행


  • KOLAS Certified electronic scales calibration certificate agency
  • Airflow Meter calibration agency

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